Suspended in Language, a Biography of Niels Bohr in collaboration with writer Jim Ottaviani of GT-Labs. Bohr was a physicist contemporary with Einstein. Jim has done other true stories about classic thinkers, Dignifying Science and Fallout. This book on Bohr, his life and work will be out later this year.
Pubo is the unfortunate victim of scientific experiments which have left the sizes of his body parts directly proportional to the proximity of their nerve endings.Pubo made his escape and now survives in the distant forests of North America.
In 2002 Dark Horse Comics published Pubo as a 3 issue Limited Series.
The PUBO trade paperback, collecting all of the Dark Horse Limited Series should be out by Christmas. Included as bonus features will be sketch pages of early character designs and a reprint of the original self published minicomic that started it all.

The VÓX anthologies are black-and-white short story collections, all art and writing are my own work. Stories range from horror to drama, from surreal to sublime. The jazz of the Jumpbrush...
Absence of Ink has agreed to publish a VÓX trade paperback which should include almost all of the material for those who missed the original Xeric Grant, self-published work. The trade will also contain new stories and material, possibly leading to a VÓX 5! Single issues of VÓX 1-3 are still available.

shellgame (the carbon-rabbit issue 1)

A mini-comic with art by Leland Purvis and story, photography and design by marc calvary of the carbon based mistake. Shellgame is about fate and the fear of having no heart. Each issue includes one of a kind photographic color slide in a protective slip case.